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Shipping Information

Our shipping methods are based on how to get you the freshest product, the fastest. Products are shipped in our specially packed containers to ensure you receive products in their optimal condition. Shipping is available in the 48 continental states. We are currently unable to ship to Alaska and Hawaii.

Advanced Shipping Options are available, allowing you to select a different shipping method for each product.

How is the shipping rate determined?

Our shipping charges are calculated based on actual shipping costs, plus the packaging materials used to ship your items. There is no profit made on shipping items.

Gingerbread Houses

We only ship our small decorated houses because they have a 99.9% chance of not breaking. However, we are able to ship undecorated medium houses. Our houses are packed double boxed to ensure safe delivery of your new gingerbread home. The shelf life of this product is 4 to 6 weeks as long as it is kept in its clear plastic display case and under the proper conditions. We only ship this product UPS ground. Each house is packed and shipped individually and charged separately.

Gingerbread 6-packs, Jumbos, and Individually Wrapped Cookies

These items are packaged especially for freshness. The shelf life of these items is 2 to 3 weeks, as long as they are kept in their packaging. These items freeze very well if you choose to keep them longer. These items can be shipped via UPS ground to the 48 continental states. If you would like these items delivered faster, you can ship them UPS 3 day select, 2nd Day Air, or Next Day Air depending on their destination (see restrictions below).

Muffin Loaves, Gourmet Cookies, Brownies and Biscotti

The freshness of these items is of the utmost importance. Using the chart below, please ensure that you will receive your product within three days of its ship date. If the product’s destination isn’t within UPS’s three day range, please choose the 3-Day select shipping method. If you’d like your items to be delivered faster, you can choose 2nd Day Air or Next Day Air. Depending on destination location if these products will not reach their destination within 3 days by UPS Ground they can only be shipped 3-Day Select. If you would like to receive these items faster you can choose 2nd Day Air or Next Day Air. Please do not include Gingerbread House prices when figuring shipping cost of Muffin Loaves, Gourmet Cookies, Brownies and Biscotti using the chart below.

To ensure your product is shipped in only the freshest condition:

Items shipped 3-Day Select only ship out on Monday or Tuesday
Items shipped 2nd Day Air only ship out Monday through Wednesday
Items shipped Next Day Air only ship out Monday through Thursday

UPS Ground Transit Time

UPS Ground Transit Time